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20 November 2020 @ 08:18 pm

So I am finally back from Japan, I had an absolutely amazing 2 and a half weeks there and although I am happy to be back home I miss Japan very much! I was fortunate enough to be able to see U-Kiss twice while i was there, first time was for their Osaka fan meeting and the second was at the Meiji Jingu Gaien Fireworks festival. Both times they were more than amazing and I had a great time since it was my first time getting to see U-Kiss live. Now for the report, I have horrible memory but the fan meeting WAS BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS. My recount of the whole day is probably quite iffy but i will try my best to recall the events accurately. (ps. my writing is horrible and is probably filled with tons of mistakes which i missed so please excuse my horrible grammer, spelling, etc OTL;;)

So the fan meeting was on July 30th at Zepp Osaka. My wonderful friend Ash was able to get tickets for the evening event from avex before hand so we head out to the venue around 1:30 after eating lunch and some purikura! From the station to Zepp was just a short walk away and when we got the the venue it was pretty dead, there were only a few people around since the first show just started when we got there. We walked down the stairs to where they were selling the goods and I ended up buying the bag (WHICH IS ALREADY RIPPING ;_;) since Ash and my other friend Ri who was not able to make it had gone to their Osaka concert back in November/December and bought me the penlight from that show! We also pre-ordered their Japanese version of Bran new kiss which gave us access to the High-Touch event after our evening show which i was seriously looking forward too, we get to high-5 each of the members!!! After getting the bag and getting our high-touch event tickets we realized we had about 4 hours to kill since the show we were going to didn't start until 6:30 so we went into the cafe which is attached to Zepp and bought drinks!

The cafe was filled with Kiss-me who were waiting for the next show like us I assume and the owners of the cafe had U-Kiss songs playing so we enjoyed the music as we waited!

After spending a couple of hours relaxing at the cafe we went to the conbini to grab something to eat and then headed to a nearby park to take pictures. I decided to wear my newly purchased yukata to the show since it was the perfect Kiss-me colour (pink) and it matched the penlight and muffler towel (which i bought after we head back to the venue)

We walked back to the venue, by this time there were tons of fans waiting outside now, we waited around a little more and eventually saw the first group of people coming out after the first show. After that show ended we saw the huge line of people being formed for the first high-touch event. We saw quite a few people coming out of the high touch event area overwhelmed and crying which only got me more excited to see them and also do the high-touch in the evening!

Time went by and it was finally time for us to line up by the gates where are ticket numbers were. Out tickets were in the 500's so we waiting at the designated gate! It started to rain a bit while we were waiting but thankfully it stopped quickly.

At around 5:30~6 they started letting people into the venue, At this point my tension was all over the place, I couldn't believe i was getting to see U-Kiss finally after so long! On our way in they made us buy a 500 yen drink token  and handed us a bag with a few flyers of other Kpop groups such as 2ne1. We rushed into the space to find that on the left side their was less people! A lot of people going in decided to congregate in the centre rather than being closer to the front of the stage, so the left side of the stage area was pretty empty. Since the whole venue is standing you can go wherever there is space so me and Ash went under the barriers to the left side and ended up being pretty much in the 5~6th row from the front of the stage!! We were ridiculously close which proved to be amazing in the hour to come. As we waited for the show to start a few older ladies started chatting with us, they were a bit weird but still nice. They were showing us pictures on their phone about how they had dinner with U-Kiss and then one of the ladies said that she had a bunch of signed CD's she wanted to see and asked us if we wanted to buy them? It was a bit confusing since I don't know much Japanese but whatever. There were quite a few older fans in the audience.

*this picture is not mine, it's from U-kiss' twitter! I found me and Ash in the picture!

It was almost time for the fan meeting to start, I had my handmade uchiwa and penlight ready! One side had the Canadian flag (REPRESENTING) and the other said "KISEOP大好き" ~

Finally the event started, the lights dimmed and a VTR started to play on the screen which introduced each of the members! After the video was over U-Kiss walked onto the stage and everyone cheered of course! Their order from left to right was AJ, Eli, Dongho, Soohyun, Kevin, Kiseop and then Hoon if i remember correctly. They introduced themselves in Japanese and the MC introduced himself as well and it was non other thank Mr. Furuya-san who is one of the main hosts on Made In BS Japan (I'm sure you know who I am talking  about right? lol) After the intro's they got straight into the first event which was a personality quiz of some sort. To be honest i didn't really understand some of what was going on but it was still precious to see the boys laughing and having fun. Especially ~leader~ Soohyun who was the mood maker and Kevin was really engaging throughout the whole thing. Eli and Aj were a nit in their own little world when the attention was not on them and Dongho looked tired. ):

So as I said, the first part of U-Kiss School was a personality quiz so desks were brought out for each member and I believe there was a chalk board too? The first question of the personality test was something along the lines of "When you go to eat sushi what type will you eat first?". Each member had a board and marker so they wrote down their answers and one by one showed what they chose.
Soohyun: Abalone. Soohyun was asked why he chose this and his answer (in Japanese) was "BECAUSE I AM A GOOD MAN" loool

Kiseop: Salmon
Eli: Salmon
Kevin: Egg. Kevin said that even though Egg wasn't his favourite he would choose it first because it would be a waste to choose this favourite first when they went to eat.

Dongho: Abalone
Hoon: NoriMaki

AJ: Maguro

I can't remember what each of the choices meant but I remember Egg had something to do with being supportive to the leader figure and they pointed out Kevin as being a "sub-leader". Kevin just laughed and gestured with his arms like "no waaay". Also Hoon drew some weird looking sushi on his board and the MC made fun of him.

The next question I really did not understand at all. It was something about the time of Day they like or something? (I tried looking up what it was on some Japanese blogs and read the question had to do with when they look at their watch what time is it? But again, I'm still not sure) Each of them answered, apparently Eli chose an early time because thinks he wakes up the earliest but everyone was like UM NO. According to the members Eli wakes up early, eats, then goes back to sleep and then wakes up later on in the day and doesn't remember if he has eaten breakfast or not. As for Soohyun, he related his time choice to when he practices his singing but the other members (Mainly AJ) retorted and said no he's just always on the computer looking at "things" during this time. Soohyun made a huge deal and complained about the other members were ruining his image and how he isn't a "bad" person (They were eluding that he is looking at questionable things on his computer lol) As for Kiseop, when he answered he mixed up the word for afternoon and morning and ended up writing the wrong one. He was of course made fun of and omg can i just say Kiseop is the most precious and adorable human being in the world, idek. He was really r e a l l y struggling with his Japanese grammar and pronunciation but so cute. I can't remember who started it (I think it was Soohyun) but they told Kiseop he was "顔だけ" which translates to something like "your face is your only good feature" because he was struggling so hard! They said this quite a few times to him throughout the whole thing since he did have trouble more than once, but he really was trying his best. I don't remember what the results were pertaining to their personality ^-^);;

After that it was on to the next segment which was the physical test! 
They all got up from their desk and had to do squats! They all stood in a row as the MC counted 1,2,3 ect as each one of them did their squats. Eli's face was absolutely priceless because he scrunched up, he even put his arms on AJ's shoulder for support as he was doing the squats (oh kevin was working those long legs of his and oh hai Eli's thighs rem. oh and side note but Eli and AJ were all over each other a few times, hugging each other, etc). All of the struggled and made the most adorable faces but AJ couldn't keep up with the count so he lost. Punishment time! A chair was brought to the front where AJ was supposed to sit on while the other members tickle/attack him? lol I don't even know but when the chair was brought to the front, Soohyun being the lovely attention whore he is sat on the chair instead as a joke and Soohyun ended up getting the punishment instead. So the all of the members pretty mauled him as they all crowed the chair and piled on top of him, I think they were tickling him too, there was just so much going on to make sense of it all lol. Soohyun complained but he was enjoying it but then… out of no where IDEK all of a sudden Kiseop leaned onto Soohyun and the got closer AND OUT OF NO WHERE I AM SURE THEIR LIPS TOUCHED. KISSU. So they kissed each other and everyone was like WHATAKSFHKJFHD. And the other members were like loooooool idek. Soohyun got up from the chair and Kiseop went back to his side of the stage, both of them were wiping their lips off, and I think Soohyun was again trying to defend his image! Kiseop face was full of embarrassment and giggles, idk what to make of it, this adorable kid omg. Oh and I forgot to mention the reward for everyone except AJ was Takoyaki which of course Dongho was delighted to see since it is his favourite! Dongho stole the serving of Takoyaki and started eating it by himself pleasantly and then fed each of the others members one piece except for AJ. IT WAS SO CUTE.

Lol so after all of that drama, it was time for the next lesson which was drawing time! For this segment a word showed up on the screen and each other the members would have to draw their interpretation of what it was. First word was Giraffe! I wish i could have taken a picture of each of their drawings because they were absolutely hilarious! When their drawing time was up and it was time to show us, Kevin and Dongho were looking over to Soohyun's and one of them was like "We need to leave Soohyun's for the end" Lmao ofc it was a ~brilliant piece of art~ according to Soohyun but everyone was like "EHHHH" when it was revealed. The other members dubbed his drawing as "kimochiwarui". Dongho's giraffe was adorable and was so tall it reached the sky. The MC asked Dongho what his giraffe ate because it's neck was so long and he said "it eats clouds" lol. Kiseop's giraffe had stick legs and looked like a real cartoon character. When it was Hoon's turn he complained that he didn't have enough time to finish his drawing and make it look better because Kiseop stole his pen lol. So they had to share then pen once Kiseop was finished. The audience was told to clap for the one that was the worst and Soohyun got the loudest reaction because it was "kimochiwarui"!

Next picture they had to draw was of Osaka's famous Glico man!! So the results of this one were extremely interesting and amusing. To begin with Kiseop didn't know what he was drawing so his turned out looking nothing like it. Kiseop's looked like a jumping power ranger wearing a sailor moon tiara or it had a unibrow, i couldn't. I think the MC said something about it looking like a mutant turtle or smth. Kevin's Glico man was PRICELESS. It was shirtless, had lopsided nipples, 6 fingers and ARMPIT hair!! I think everyone in the audience died when they saw Kevin's and was thinking where the hell did the armpit hair come from?! They showed a picture of the Glico man on the screen and kevin explained how the shadows under his arms looked like arm to him I guess? The explanation for the 6 fingers was because he didn't have enough time to draw so he was counting the fingers fast while he was drawing them and accidentally drew 6 instead...(It's a bit hard to explain) Oh Kevin. Soohyun's Glico man had no neck, both arms were pretty much coming out of the chin and were attached in a really odd way. Again the audience was "EHHHH" and it was funny because while Soohyun was drawing his he kept muttering how it was perfect and looked exactly alike! Eli's…one of the legs had 7 joints (as Ash put it) The leg was bent in a way that is incomprehensible! Also, AJ had drawn some scribbles near the leg of his drawing so the MC thought that his Glico man was bleeding really badly but he said he was trying to erase a mistake he made by scribbling it out haha. Dongho's was the best out of all of them, I think he had even wrote Glico on it or something related to it and also drew the bridge and river in Dontonburi where the real Glico man is.
So again the audience had to clap for the worst and ofc kevin and Soohyun got the most claps so they were tied. The punishment this time was Onigiri (riceball) Roulette!! One riceball had wasabi in it, so they did rock paper scissors to see who could choose from the 2 first and kevin won. I think it was obvious which was the safe one and kevin chose that one. When it was Soohyun's turn to choose his face was like FFFFF because he could already see the green in the rice when he chose it. The both took a bite at the same time and Kevin had the most blissful face while eating his while Soohyun's was full of fear. The wasabi finally hit him and he yelled and jumped around and eventually ran off the stage!

As Soohyun went off to compose himself from the spiciness of the wasabi onigiri they introduced the next session which was Japanese class. For this part each member had to write where they wanted to go in Japan but they had to write it in japanese, no Korean this time!

Their responses are as follows
AJ: "ふっかいど” Fukkaido, he meant to write Hokkaido instead but got the "Ho" and the "Fu" mixed up.
Eli: "おきなわ” Okinawa! He also wrote "うめ” but meant "うみ:Umi" which means sea!

Dongho: Nihonbashi. Dongho being the skilled Maknae tried to write his answer in Kanji but made a little mistake which the MC fixed for him.
Soohyun: "えぐざいるのいえ" looooooooool which means he wants to go to EXILE's house. (EXILE is the Japanese group that Soohyun really likes) Soohyun then asked everyone "Where is it??" Everyone laughed hard!!
Kevin: Into the heart's of Kiss-me! baww Kevin, so adorable.
Kiseop: Kiseop made the same mistake as AJ and wrote ふっかいど as well, he tried to fix the "fu" to "ho" but it was obvious that he changed it after he saw AJ's answer! ~ I think again someone was "顔だけ" to him again because of his struggling ;__;)/♥

Hoon: Osaka-jo castle but instead of writing "jo" he wrote "zo"
Onto the next part, which had to do with Osaka-ben. A word which was in Osaka-ben appeared on the screen and the boys had to try to guess what the word was and how it would be used in a sentence. The word was "チャーしばく". I can't remember specifically what any of their guesses were but they were along the lines of "your チャーしばく are pretty"(I thinkkk that was Soohyun's answer? lol) or "let's go for チャーしばく" or smth. In the end, the winner was decided by how much clapping they got from the crowd because the crowd would clap for whosever answer made the most sense. Since a lot of the people are from Osaka they knew what the meaning of チャーしばく was so they cheered for who was the most right but I had no idea what it meant so i cheered and clapped for Kiseop *BIAS* ....and i was the only one so Kiseop looked over me and smiled at me akfjhadsjlfhsdf. I DIED. Hoon won in the end and the losers were Kiseop, Soohyun and AJ. PUNISHMENT TIME AGAIN. The punishment was to do a sexy dance and lawd. I can't remember what Soohyun and AJ did because i was shaking and crying to hard for what was to come. So Sexy back came on and Soohyun, Kiseop, and AJ did a little dance thing ......then another song came on (sexy slow music idk) and it was Kiseop's turn again and JFC. 3 MINUTE STRIP TEASE. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT HAPPENED BUT KISEOP JUST LET IT ALL GO AND DID THE MOST EROTIC DANCE POSSIBLE (it was pretty inappropriate but hey I was not complaining one bit lmao, weeping forever). He was...stroking himself up the leg, touching his butt, body waves, and a lot more. His face said it all as well. At one point he get's on the group and puts his legs up in the air and then took off his belt and was waving it around and putting it around his neck in an extremely privative manner. E T C. FOR THE FINALE HE TOOK A GULP OF WATER AND SPIT IT OUT AS MIST/VAPOR. oh my life was made, i d e k. At that point the member's were on the side laughing and were like OK THATS ENOUGH UM. and stopped Kiseop from continuing, lmao criesssss. Shaking and crying all over the place at that point!!!!!

lordddd. At this point they said they were going to get ready for the performance part of the fan meeting and all left the stage. The stage went dark and a video started on the screen with awesome -unseen footage-. It included them spending time in Osaka and just being generally adorbs all over the place. They were eating takoyaki, they went to Osaka tower where they were able to go to a restricted area at the top of the tower which they were all really happy about it and there were a few other places. One part that randomly stood out to me was Dongho being so cute and imitating the voice that the elevator makes when it opens! ドアを開きます〜♪

After the video finished...LIVE TIME!

They sang 5 songs which were:

Bingeul Bingeul
Shut up
0330 (Japanese version)

Man Man ha Ni
Unbelievably flawless performance, they were hitting  all the moves and were so passionate! By the 3rd song they were all sweaty, especially Kevin and Soohyun. I could see the sweat flying off Soohyun, it was like a waterfall, idek. *A* Speaking of Soohyun, I can't remember what song it was during but Soohyun came over to our side of the stage and looked straight at me and Ash and gave us the most MANLY SEXY SCOWL FACE WITH WINK, holy crap we died. Soohyun's intense face was so captivating when he sang it was so full of passion, i had my eyes on him for a lot of the time!

After the amazing live they said their thank you's and goodbyes, Dongho's looked really tired and exhausted, poor kid. I was pretty much in a daze because everything was just perfect and I could not handle it, lol! Soohyun's eyes looked teary like he was about to cry, while they thanked all their fans for the continued support and everything. Soohyun did a mini speech in Korean thanking everyone, I was getting a little emotional because they were all so sweet! ♥ The end came and they all left the stage, it was really a wonderful memory I will never forget! 

Ahhhh, dazed and on cloud nine we left the venue. On out way out a couple of Japanese fan's came up to us and asked us if we spoke Japanese! They were surprised to see foreigners I guess, they were adorable. On our way out we received our premium goods which was a cute shiny memo pad~

After getting outside we used our drink token and got in line for the high touch event, the cherry on top of the perfect cake! We got in line and when we finally got into the room I could see them SITTING THERE. SCREAMING INSIDE MY HEAD. I was telling Ash to go first because i was so nervous, and was trying to figure out what I was going to say to them when it was my turn to go up. When it was finally our turn Eli was first and was like "WASSSSSUP" I quickly told him "Please come to Canada soon!!!!" and he had a big grin on his face and responded with "YEAHHH OK, WE WILL" I WEPT SO HARD, AND WAS BLINDED BY ELI'S FLAWLESSNESS omg. kevin giggled but I was to in awe with Eli responded to me i didn't have a chance to say anything to him, crying. When I got to Kiseop I grabbed his hand and yelled Kiseop~~~ like an idiot and told him I loved him while i shook his hand, everything i planned was out the window because i was too excited to think! Same goes for when I got to Soohyun who was last! Dongho was adorable and negl i can't even remember if i high-5'd AJ and Hoon /o/

I left the high-touch area and started to cry, it was pretty overwhelming ;______;♥

And yep, that's it!☆

*Please do not repost this anywhere without my permission as I have included my own pictures, ect.
Thank you!

*picture taken from the U-kiss japan twitter ~

22 June 2010 @ 01:18 pm
I love my w-inds. fandom. ♥

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15 June 2010 @ 12:43 am

This pretty much completes me.

CUT. cause i dont want to burn your eyes ~too~ much...Collapse )
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